Fresh Filled Pasta


The Fresh Filled Pasta represents an Italian gastronomic excellence appreciated and imitated all over the world.
It is the pasta for parties, special occasions and family Sundays.
The combinations of shapes and fillings are truly countless: from the most classic, such as tortellini with mortadella, meat agnolotti or ravioli with ricotta, to the most modern and innovative, such as those with truffles, salmon or asparagus.
Produced in the heart of Cilento by a young and dynamic company that uses only the highest quality ingredients, our fresh filled pasta is handcrafted and is the result of all the skill and creativity of people who love pasta and their territory.

Pasta shapes: ravioli ricotta, ravioli funghi porcini, ravioli porcini e salsiccia, ravioli tartufo, ravioli provola e melenzane, ravioli di zucca, ravioli gorgonzola e noci, ravioli spinaci, ravioli asparagi e salsiccia, ravioli ricotta di bufala, ravioli salmone, ravioli 4 formaggi, ravioli di carne locale, ravioli burrata, ravioli zucchine, fiori di zucca, provola affumicata, ravioli ricotta fumee, ravioli ortica, cappelletti di carne, cappelletti prosciutto crudo, agnolotti di carne, agnolotti prosciutto crudo

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