Buffalo Mozzarella Campana DOP


Buffalo Mozzarella Campana D.O.P. is probably the most delicious and awarded mozzarella in the world: unlike normal mozzarella, D.O.P. (Of Protected Origin) buffalo mozzarella is produced 100% with whole buffalo milk from Campania. This ingredient, as precious as it is difficult to find, gives an inimitable taste, consistency and flavour.

The recipe to produce our buffalo mozzarella is that of the artisan tradition of Campania, as the farms we represent operate in an exquisitely rural context rich in history such as Paestum, literally the home of buffalo dairy products.

The entire production process, from the cultivation of forage to the feeding of Mediterranean buffaloes, from milking to the production of dairy products, is realized in the farm. In addition, the buffalo milk processing process is controlled at every stage to ensure an excellent, unique and always fresh and zero-mileage product.

It is no coincidence that buffalo mozzarella is the pride and joy of dairies in southern Italy.

Shape and sizes: cardinale (15g), bocconcino (50g), nodino (100g), mozzarella (125 e 250g), aversana (500g), zizza da (1 a 5kg), treccia da (250g a 7kg).

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Buffalo Mozzarella

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