Buffalo Mozzarella Ra Mortedda With Myrtle


Buffalo Mozzarella ra Mortedda with Myrtle is a typical cheese of the Cilento area with a unique and original taste.

It has a woven shape and is wrapped in the leaves of myrtle from Cilento, a technique that, in less recent times, was mainly used to preserve the product and that gives the cheese a unique flavored taste that stands out for its characteristic musky notes.

It is produced with 100% milk from buffalo milk from Campania, coming from buffaloes bred in the beautiful historical and rural context of Paestum, from which also derives the fodder with which they are fed.

From the breeding to the production and processing of buffalo milk, all the processes take place completely within the farm and is controlled at every stage to ensure an excellent, inimitable and always fresh product.

Shape and sizes: Treccia (250g)

Tipologia Latticini EN

Buffalo Mozzarella

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