Buffalo Caciocavallo


Caciocavallo is certainly the oldest and best known cheese among the dairy products of southern Italy. Its origins are in fact uncertain and different peoples contend for it, but wherever it was born and in whatever version you taste it, what is certain is that Caciocavallo never disappoints.
Grilled, with pasta, as a second course, fresh or seasoned, caciocavallo is good in all its forms or varieties.
It is an extremely versatile cheese, with a delicate or strong, almost spicy flavour, depending on the seasoning.
Produced with 100% buffalo milk, from Campania and whole, it is even softer and more balanced. A real speciality to be tasted.
The whole production, from the breeding to the final transformation, takes place inside the farm, which owns both the stables and the forage.

Shape and sizes: White (1200g), With chili pepper (1200g)

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Buffalo cheese

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