If there is a cheese that can be considered the dairy symbol of the south, and especially of Campania, this is certainly the Caciocavallo.
Characterized by its famous pear shape, a thin and smooth crust and a homogeneous paste with a sweet and delicate taste, or more consistent and slightly spicy depending on the length of aging, Caciocavallo is excellent eaten with bread, grated, melted or grilled, in stuffed pasta, parmesan cheese, pasties, in short, always.
It is produced entirely with 100% Italian cow’s milk from a valuable family run company strongly linked to its territory, the Cilento area, from which it extracts all the ingredients necessary for its work.

Shape and sizes: Fresh, Fresh with kid rennet, Smoked and Long-shape (500g – 1000g)

Tipologia Latticini EN

Cow cheese

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