Salted and Matured Buffalo Ricotta


Salty Ricotta is a variety of ricotta typical of southern Italy, especially Sicily where it is produced mainly with sheep’s or goat’s milk.
Unlike fresh ricotta, the salted version undergoes a short maturing (about thirty days) and sprinkled with salt, which gives it a strong aroma that enhances the other flavors.
It is a versatile dairy product, produced in this case with 100% whole buffalo and Campania milk, which can be enjoyed alone, perhaps in an appetizer or with vegetables, but it is also excellent grated on pasta instead of the more classic cheese.
The entire production process, from feeding the animals to milking and the production of dairy products, is realized within the company that produces it. The buffalo milk processing process is also controlled at every stage to ensure an excellent, unique and always fresh product.

Shape and sizes: White (250g), With chili pepper (250g)

Tipologia Latticini EN

Buffalo cheese

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