Buffalo Stracciata


The Stracciata is a fresh dairy product, or rather very fresh, born in Puglia but which soon spread throughout the south. It is used as a filling for burrata but can also be enjoyed without wrapping.
It is made up of handmade strips (hence the name “stracciatella”) of pasta filata mixed with fresh cream.
Its origins date back to the beginning of the twentieth century when, due to the poverty of the time, the scraps of cheese production were reused. Thus was born one of the tastiest dairy products in the whole dairy industry.
Soft, creamy and without rind, the savoury but sweet taste of Stracciata is also due to the excellent raw material: 100% buffalo milk from Campania, produced directly from the stables of the same company, which also owns the fodder with which it feeds the cattle.
A unique product of the highest quality.

Shape and sizes: (250g)

Tipologia Latticini EN

Buffalo Mozzarella

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