Smoked Provola


Smoked Provola is a speciality produced throughout the Campania region, particularly in the areas of the Volturno Valley, the Sorrento Peninsula, the Vallo di Diano, Irpinia, Sannio and Matese.
Its origins are as ancient as those of mozzarella and the production techniques are also very similar. Even provola, in fact, is obtained from the processing of raw cow’s milk and the origin of its name derives from the fact that it was the “test” that was immersed in boiling water to determine if the curd was ready for spinning.
Unlike mozzarella, however, it does not necessarily have to be eaten fresh, but can be stored for a longer time.
It is produced with 100% whole and Italian cow’s milk in Sanza, in the province of Salerno.

Shape and sizes: Smoked (250g – 500g)

Tipologia Latticini EN

Cow cheese

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