Fresh Ricotta


Ricotta is one of the most versatile dairy products used in Italian cuisine. Its soft, spoonable texture and delicate flavor make it perfect for the preparation of countless dishes, both sweet and savory: cakes, such as the famous Ricotta and pear, the cream of the famous Sicilian cannoli, the filling of ravioli and so on.
Countless recipes and tasty dishes include among their ingredients this dairy product with its particular preparation: the whey is cooked twice, it is re-cooked after cheese production, hence the name “ricotta”.
There are different variations, depending on the type of milk used or the salting or even the seasoning. Our Ricotta is produced in Sanza, in the Salerno area, with 100% Italian and whole cow’s milk and is available both fresh and smoked.

Shape and sizes: Fresh or Smoked (50g – 300g – 700g)

Tipologia Latticini EN

Cow cheese

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