Buffalo Scamorza White or Smoked


Scamorza, whose name probably derives from the expression “capa mozza”, or “severed head”, is a pasta filata cheese typical of southern Italy, ideal to complete appetizers and main courses, but also to be added to hot pasta dishes, where it becomes stringy making them even more delicious.

Generally produced with cow’s milk, it becomes even tastier in the version with 100% buffalo milk from Campania, both white or smoked, like the one produced in Paestum, in the Salerno area where every part of the process, from buffalo breeding to milk processing, takes place within the same farm and is controlled and approved to guarantee an excellent and unique product.

The salting in brine and the short maturing period, which goes from 4 to 25 days, give the scamorza its characteristic ivory white colour and a soft and pleasant texture.

Shape and sizes: Fresh (250g), Smoked (250g)

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Buffalo cheese

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