Fresh Pasta


It is Sunday’s pasta, the pasta of housewives, grandmothers who get up at dawn to knead and prepare the sauce. Fresh pasta is not only a dish, is tradition, is the past, the present and the gastronomic future of our country.
Extra calibrated semolina flour and very pure water that comes directly from the sources of Sirino, our fresh Pasta is made only with high quality raw materials, respecting the artisan traditions of a Lucanian company located halfway between the mountains and the sea.

Pasta shapes: fusilli lucani, lucanelle, orecchiette, cavatelli, strascinati, strozzapreti, trofie, foglie di olivo bianche e verdi, cortecce, foglie di olivo, rigatelli, ricci foretani, strascioni, gnocchi di patate

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