White Wine Colli Iatili Basilicata IGP


Chardonnay is a vine of French origin, originally from Burgundy, where its most prized and famous wines come from, and from here it has spread to become one of the most cultivated white grape varieties in the world.

Italy has a long tradition for the cultivation of Chardonnay, especially in the subalpine belt. Today it is produced in almost the whole country, even in Basilicata, where Colli Iatili was born.

A wine with a straw yellow colour and intense, fruity aromas. With a fine, harmonious and fresh taste expression that gives this wine an enveloping spherical structure.

Ideal served at a temperature between 10° and 14°, it goes well with appetizers, roast fish, white meats and cheeses and medium seasoning.

Alcohol content: 14%

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