White Wine Serra Nuda Cilento IGT


Fiano is a white grape variety considered among the best in Italy. It is grown mainly in the countryside, in the province of Avellino, but it has also spread to Puglia and, recently, to Sicily.

Fiano Serra Nuda is produced by a winery located in the Gulf of Policastro, in the heart of Cilento.

The grapes are harvested, when fully ripe, in the first ten days of September and are immediately pressed. The must obtained is cold clarified for 24 hours and fermented at a controlled temperature. Refinement takes place in steel for four months.

The wine is a deep straw-yellow colour and on the nose there are hints of white flowers and ripe fruit.

It is a soft and fresh wine ideal to be paired with fish, lamb and white meat dishes.

Alcohol content: 13%

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