Organic White Soppressata


La Soppressata is a sausage with ancient origins. Its name derives from the verb “soppressare”, or “to tighten with soppressa”. In fact, compared to other types of sausages, the soppressata has a slightly flattened shape that derives from the habit of “soppressare” the product during the drying phase.
Soppressata is one of the gastronomic symbols of Calabrian culture and it is here, on the slopes of the Sila, that it is produced with the aid of black pigs, a very prized breed, reared in the wild.
Organic White Soppressata produced in Calabria is the only one in Italy to have received the Protected Designation of Origin (DOP).
It has a compact and slightly soft appearance and a bright red colour. It has an aromatic and strong taste, a balanced flavour and is preservative free.