Turanic Durum Wheat Flour (Cappelli and Lucana Saragolla Variety – Khorasan)


Turanic Durum Wheat Flour is the classic semolina flour, perfect for bread, pasta, focaccia, pizzas. It has a yellowish colour and a grainy consistency, rich in proteins and antioxidant.

It is an easy to work flour thanks to the fact that it absorbs a greater quantity of water which guarantees a higher production yield and a better shelf life.

In Morigerati, this flour is produced with two very fine grains that give life to two important and renowned varieties: the Senatore Cappelli variety and the Saragolla Lucana variety, also called Khorasan.

These are very old grains, which have remained authentic and original as they have not been modified by man to increase the yield. They are not processed at an intensive level, also for this reason they have a higher cost. The yield is therefore lower than other grains, but the product that is obtained is undoubtedly more genuine and healthy: flours that contain less gluten, highly light and digestible.

All our flours are derived from high quality, exclusively Italian grains processed in the heart of Cilento.

The milling is realized with a stone mill and is slow, so as to maintain a low temperature so that the flour does not take any risk of “cooking”, thus preserving its organoleptic qualities.