Monococco Spelt Flour


Monococco, also called “small spelt” is the first cereal to be cultivated by man over 10.000 years ago.

It is a typically Mediterranean species which, thanks to spontaneous cross-breeding with other species has given rise, over time, to a large part of the wheats known today (such as dicocco, durum wheat and common wheat). For these reasons the Monococco is considered the father of all frumenti.

It has a high protein content, a high presence of antioxidants and a low percentage of saturates.

The resulting flour is perfect for making cakes, bread, pizzas and other baked goods.
It is especially suitable for the preparation of tarts and pies, as the dough is less elastic and much more crumbly than the one made with other flours.

Like all our flours, also the spelt flour is stone-ground with slow milling, so as to maintain a low temperature so that the flour does not take any risk of “cooking”, thus preserving its organoleptic qualities.