The Pezzentella, the “poor sausage”, is a typical salami of Southern Italy born essentially to avoid waste and use every part of the pig, such as scraps (clippings, throat, muzzle, ears, skinning, fatty meat, boiled pork rind, etc.) and offal (lung, heart, kidney, spleen, liver, etc.).

These parts are cut into strips and then chopped and seasoned with salt, garlic, pepper or hot pepper powder, wild fennel seeds and red wine.

A genuine product without preservatives, Pezzentella is perfect if prepared with sauce, but can also be enjoyed roasted, perhaps accompanied by vegetables.

Since it is very fatty, it is better to blanch it first in abundant unsalted water for at least twenty minutes, so that it drains some adiposity.

The pigs are bred exclusively in Italy, on a family-run farm located in the Parco Nazionale del Cilento e Vallo di Diano.