Organic N’dujia


N’duja is a unique salami, produced only in Calabria, which has a very soft texture so that it can be defined as a spreadable salami.
It is obtained from lard derived from the underbelly, shoulder and thigh meat, and seasoned with chilli powder and flakes. The name N’duja probably derives from the French “andouille”, a sausage made from pork offal. It seems, in fact, that it was imported into Calabria by Gioacchino Murat, King of Naples during the Napoleonic period. Once known, the Calabrians reinterpreted it adding a personal imprint: pork meat and plenty of chilli pepper.
N’duja is notoriously very spicy and not suitable for all palates, while ours is slightly spicy, which makes it unique and suitable for all palates. This N’dujia is produced with black pork raised in the wild, which makes it even more genuine. An already special product in itself, which becomes inimitable with these tricks. Even the hot pepper we use for ‘Nduja is also produced by our farm.